Spiritual Steps To Thrive In Uncertain Times

Spiritual Steps To Thrive In Uncertain Times

Today I consciously choose to think loving thoughts, take compassionate action and bring forth peaceful energy.

So let’s take a cue from this card. It points to three spiritual steps that will help you to thrive in uncertain times.

Choose to Think Loving Thoughts

Ask yourself: What CONSCIOUS THOUGHT can I choose with love today? Perhaps something different than before you started reading this blog.

Ask yourself: What COMPASSIONATE ACTION can I take that might have been different than something I thought I was about to do? Maybe you woke up, felt mad at someone and said, “I’m going to go and show them how pissed off I am right now. I’m going to block them.” I want you to ask yourself, what compassionate action can you take instead?

Ask yourself: What can I do today to bring forth more PEACEFUL ENERGY? For instance, you can sing a song to your child. You can post an empowering message on social media. You can meditate before your Zoom meeting.

If you start your day by responding to these three prompts, you’re going to feel more connected to others and more spiritually aligned. You will bring forth positive energy, but most importantly, you’re going to feel better. When you show up each day feeling better, you receive inspired ideas, you receive momentum, and you receive inspiration to do things you wouldn’t otherwise do.


Here’s a real-life example:

People are looking for employment right now—and we’ve been hiring some folks to work on my team. We put the job posts up on LinkedIn and received thousands of applicants. It can be challenging to stand out among all the applications. But there were a handful of people who were quite aligned with LOVING THOUGHT, COMPASSIONATE ACTION and PEACEFUL ENERGY.

Those people let this vibration of positivity move through them. They took the inspiration a step further to reach out to me through a direct message or with an additional note to my info@reikimaster.co.za. As a result, some of those resumes that may not otherwise have been seen if they were just posted on LinkedIn came to my inbox. That’s the kind of inspired action that happens when we start to live in this way.

What is really important to remember is that it’s not just about taking action so you can feel like you’re doing something. It’s making sure that your action is backed by a peaceful, empowering energy that has resonance. And that resonance will get through, even if it seems impossible.

When I responded to an application with, “Let’s get on a call” or “Facetime me right now,” it was because the energy coming through resonated for me.

I want you to rely on your spiritual foundation to recognize the power of leading from a place of compassion; when you do, that impact goes right through your message or email. Trust that when you’re in alignment, the Universe is working (through the Internet or your friend who is making a referral) to get you to where you need to be.


Many people are suffering, and there’s not a lot of really clear guidance on how to get through what’s going on.

The clearest guidance I can give you is to align your energy with the highest good.

  • Line up your thoughts with the highest good.
  • Stay open to creative possibilities.
  • Do what brings you joy.
  • Follow these three steps every single day.
  • Maintain a positive mindset.
  • Bring forth more compassion and kindness for others.
  • For more support, you can listen to my new Audible Original, You Are the Guru. (It’s free with your Audible Plus membership or free trial.)

I promise you, things will get easier. It’s when we succumb to the dramas, when we overload on the news, when we get into the attack thoughts, when we make erratic decisions because we’re just mad and want to act out, when we don’t develop a strong foundation—that’s when we fumble, get depressed, or feel as if we have no way out.

If we don’t begin our day at a level of heightened consciousness, we will get taken down by a level of unconsciousness, fear, uncertainty, negativity, chaos – all of that anxious collective energy.

Ask yourself those three questions today:

  • What CONSCIOUS THOUGHT can I choose with love today? (How can I be more loving in my thoughts?)
  • What COMPASSIONATE ACTION can I take that might have been different than something I thought I was about to do? (How can I be more compassionate in my actions?)
  • What can I do today to bring forth more PEACEFUL ENERGY? (How can I bring more love and energy and positivity through everything I do throughout the day?)
  • My message for you is to take your energy seriously. Take your thoughts seriously. Take the level of compassion that you manifest in your life seriously.

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